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What’s your True Colour?

Have you ever wondered why you always choose a specific colour to wear? Is it because you just like it or has someone told you it suits you?

Whatever the reason we all have a group of colours that suits us. Colours and shades that go with our skin, eye and hair colour can really bring out our best features – yet the majority of us don’t know what our colours are.


For ease, we usually turn to black as it is classic, makes us look polished and has a slimming effect but what exactly is black doing for us? Well, more often than not it’s actually making us look older by draining the colour from our faces and making the dark circles under our eyes even darker!


You also don’t need to wear what the fashion industry is telling you to wear. Currently, there are a lot of greys around. It’s a colour that is definitely in fashion, even in interiors, however, wearing head to toe in grey can be doing more damage than good.

So how do we find out our ‘True Colour?’ Colour Elements is a service used by individuals and top retailers to help us understand our Colour iD. By identifying what colour suits us we can enhance our appearance and improve our mood.

And importantly, by discovering our colour iD, Colour Elements expert Karen Finlayson says we then shop smarter and cut down on impulse buying.

We’re excited to say that Karen is working with us and giving our shoppers the chance to find their true colour this weekend (Saturday 2nd December and Sunday 3rd, December) as part of our Blissmas Lounge.

Let us know how you get on and what your Colour iD is @princessquare on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.