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Whats On: Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar

New ‘gadgie’ painting by Scottish artist, Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar, the acclaimed Scottish artist who is one of the UK’s most popular and collectable artists, has recreated his much-loved ‘gadgie’ figures in two family group paintings.
Ayrshire born, Alexander Millar’s paintings manage to trigger memories of dads, grandads, grans, aunties, uncles and old neighbours. His work allows the viewer to tap into an emotional well that evokes memories of a parent or grandparent, almost smelling the damp wool and cigarette smoke of the working man (and woman) of post-war Britain.
He captures moments in time when ‘gadgies’ are pushing bikes uphill, gossiping on street corners, sauntering along canal paths or heading through factory gates.
Unveiling the two new original paintings in his Princes Square Gallery today Millar said “Again, Again Again… is a tribute to, and an evolution of, a painting I created a number of years ago. And one that is still regularly requested today. In revisiting this childhood memory of being swung in the air between Mam and Dad, I’ve introduced more fluidity and colour, which tells me that reminiscences of this happy time are as strong and vibrant as ever.”
“The painting ‘Family’ hankers back to simpler childhood times when the family provided constancy and certainty. For so many of us of a certain age, the family was a fairly straightforward unit, but no matter the make-up of the family (and extended family) – familial memories can provide happy, nostalgic reminiscences that help us navigate the world today.”
These two original oil paintings have also been produced as signed, limited edition prints in a large and ‘boutique’ size – all on view at the artists’ gallery on level 1 at Princes Square.

Find out more about Again, Again, Again … and Family at here:


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