Princes Square outside at night

Sustainable Fashion at Princes Square

Sustainable Fashion at Princes Square

It’s time to say goodbye to fast fashion.

At Princes Square we’re proud to say that our retailers are focused on increasing sustainability. In our stores, you will find high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Slow fashion is the future – and we promise your sense of style doesn’t need to suffer! Simply spend time cultivating your wardrobe, invest in versatile classics, and when it comes to impulse buying, ask yourself: will I really wear this a year from now?


Reiss base their design philosophy on enduring modernity. We’re talking coats that remain stylish season after season, knits that age with grace to become classics. You won’t find any non-functional fads or fleeting trends soon to be doomed to the depths of your wardrobe here!

Evelyn Apricot Wool Linen Blend Slim Fit Blazer – REISS

Reiss are committed to reducing their waste to zero by 2025. Their ethical and sustainable fashion is made to last long after that. Shop timeless styles in-store now at Princes Square.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker have a policy of honesty in place when it comes to sustainability. They have pledged to ensure 100% of their collections will be made from responsibly sourced materials by 2030. Using less water, less energy, and fewer chemicals whilst retaining the high standard of their clothing.

Check out their Conscious Shop – featuring fashion that will make you look and feel great, safe in the knowledge that your clothes have been created ethically and sustainably. Shop in-store now at Princes Square.


With 86% of their materials sustainably sourced in 2021, COS are on a mission to become a 100% climate-positive brand. Their design ethos is all about enduring style and putting quality first. In doing so, COS are owning their environmental responsibility – and hope to inspire you to do the same!

On their website you will find a wealth of helpful info – including tips on product care (to make your faves last forever) and their COS re-sell initiative. Shop comfortable, lasting and sustainable styles in-store at Princes Square now.

Vivienne Westwood

As one of the last independent global fashion houses in the world, Vivienne Westwood use their platform to campaign for sustainability and climate protection. A key facet of their message is centered around quality over quantity – a bit of a running theme throughout this blog, but it’s so important!

By exploring fabric innovations, eliminating single-use plastic & reimagining textile waste, Vivienne Westwood are actively working towards a better (still fashionable) future. Shop in-store at Princes Square now.