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Princes Square Safety Measures

Keeping Safe Keeping Social

At Princes Square our priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our guests and teams in our retailers and restaurants. We have been following the best industry practices and Scottish Government advice and have introduced some measures to keep everyone social and safe.

The measures we have in place are as follows:

Maintain Social Distancing

Please maintain Social Distancing

We still need to maintain social distancing measures of at least 2 metres between guests across Princes Square. This will also apply in all retailers. There will also be restrictions on the number of guests in any store at one time. The store capacity will be stated on each of the store windows. Each store will have different capacity due to the size and the number of staff. You may need to queue for stores, however, each store will advise you what you need to do.

You must wear a facemask

You must wear a face mask

In line with government recommendations you must wear a facemask upon entering Princes Square and in all retail stores. You may take your mask off when seated in café, bar or restaurant but must put this on when walking to the bathroom or leaving.

Sanitise your hands regularly

Improved Cleaning & Hygiene

Before reopening, we have cleaned all areas and introduced new deep-cleaning measures across all areas. In addition to this you will see our teams regularly cleaning all key touchpoints in the centre.

Sanitise your hands regularly

Use the Hand Sanitiser stations

We have introduced new hand-sanitiser stations across the centre. Hand-washing facilities with soap and hot water are also available in our washrooms.

Use contactless or card payments where possible

Contactless or Card Payments preferred

To avoid contact, we recommend that you choose contactless and card payments where possible. The teams in each store and restaurant can advise you on how to do this. We appreciate you may not have the facility to pay by card or contactless and this is fine.

One Person/Family Per Lift

One person/family group per lift

Only one person or family group will be allowed to use a lift at once to ensure social distancing. We have a number of lifts around the centre, please either queue or try and find another lift.

Eating Out

Eating Out

Please note due to the need to observe social distancing in restaurant kitchens you may find that menus have been simplified and the number of dishes reduced. Some of our restaurants are also offering tables for drinks only. Please visit our restaurants page here


Q: What measures are in place in Princes Square?
A: We have a number of measures to keep you social and safe, click here for the full detail
Q: Will you be carrying out extra cleaning?
A: Yes. We already have extremely high standards here at Princes Square and our cleaning schedules have increased significantly. You will see more of our team cleaning handrails, buttons, bathrooms and escalators.
Q: Will I need to queue to get in to Princes Square?
A: Potentially. If we feel there are too many guests we may ask you to queue in our main entrance (which is undercover). However we will monitor this regularly.
Q: What time are you opening for retail?
A: We will be opening our gates on Monday 26th april at 9am until 8pm. All of our stores opening times may vary as will our restaurants so we advise you look at each individual page to check.
Q: Will I need to queue for restaurants?
A: You may need to queue for restaurants, however the restaurants are trying to avoid this by staggering booking times. Please contact the specific restaurant for details. Full information can be found here.
Q: What time are restaurants opening?
A: All restaurant times vary. Please check individual restaurant pages for specific times. Indoor restaurants will close at 8pm.
Q: When is the cinema opening?
A: In line with government guidelines the cinema will open on 17th May.